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Gutters come in aluminum, vinyl, copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, zinc and wood, and each type of material has benefits and drawbacks. Due to the importance of gutters in maintaining a home's integrity, homeowners should educate themselves about these materials in order to make an informed choice. Fortunately, many Denver roofing companies are knowledgeable in installing all types of gutters.

Aluminum is a highly common choice for gutters because it is cost efficient and resistant to rusting. These gutters stand up well in cold climates, and they hold paint much better than vinyl. Because aluminum is light in weight, it is easy to work with, and aluminum gutters can be made seamless. Homeowners can choose from a wide array of paint colors for aluminum gutters. Drawbacks include the fact that aluminum lacks strength, and the material is prone to denting. Placing a ladder up against these gutters may result in them becoming misshapen due to their poor strength.

Unlike aluminum gutters, vinyl gutters aren't prone to denting. They are, however, vulnerable to breaking under the pressure of a ladder and becoming brittle with exposure to cold temperatures and sunlight. Vinyl gutters also don't come in very many colors. Their popularity may be explained by the fact that they are cost efficient and easy to install. They also won't corrode or rust like some metal gutters will.

Copper and stainless steel are ideal materials for gutters because they won't rust and do not require painting. They are also aesthetically appealing metals that are virtually indestructible and highly durable. The main drawback of these materials is their cost; stainless steel runs two to four times as much as gutters made from other materials, and copper is even pricier than that.

A roofing contractor from All Around roofing of Denver CO can answer any questions you have about metal roofing or flat roof systems.

Galvanized steel gutters have the advantage of being strong and resilient. They stand up in the face of heavy ladders and fallen tree branches, and they can tolerate heavy snow and ice accumulation. Unfortunately, these gutters are prone to rusting and do need to be replaced periodically. They also require professional installation due to the heaviness of this material. Providing them with proper care and maintenance can increase their lifespan.

Zinc is a highly durable material because it forms a zinc-carbonate patina layer in response to contact with carbon dioxide and moisture. In fact, zinc gutters can almost last a lifetime, and the patina provides an aesthetically appealing surface that does not require painting. These gutters also come in several colors to match the exteriors of a broad array of houses. Although zinc gutters are expensive, they cost less than copper. They do require professional installation because of required welding at seams and joints.

Wood gutters used to be the dominant type of gutters, but they are no longer very common with the availability of more weather-resistant materials that are lower in cost. These half round gutters are, however, still available in cedar, fir and redwood varieties. They are ideal to use in renovations of historic homes in which maintaining traditional aesthetic takes precedence over providing durability. Homeowners who choose wood gutters should be prepared to pay a steep price for this traditional material.

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